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Attention Families: Best Coast Adventure Therapy is taking precautions to keep everyone safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Best Coast Adventure Therapy will be facilitating small-group summer programming, following up to date provincial recommendations. Please get in touch for more information and to learn about our policies.


Join an inclusive nature-based summer camp program which celebrates individuals of all abilities and ages. Best Coast Adventure Therapy combines outdoor adventure activities with therapeutic processes to meet the various interests, strengths, goals and needs of each participant. Meaningful experiences within nature can improve overall well-being while leading to positive changes and skill development.


Programming can include outdoor nature exploration, therapeutic guided adventures, recreational activities, yoga & mindfulness, eco-therapy, active living, physical education and sports with various activities such as hiking, kayaking, mini-golf, nature walks, tennis, swimming, soccer, group games and more.

Small group summer camp sessions run throughout July and August.

Please contact to learn more and register!     

 Cost: $30/hour (Funding sources can be used).

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